Alasdair rereads his short story The Crank That Made The Revolution from Unlikely Stories Mostly. Very clever, very poignant and very funny!

I made these recordings in what turned out to be the last year of my uncle's life - so I could spend more time with him and share with you the very great pleasure of sitting quietly at home with Alasdair listening to him read and talk about books.

I couldn't have made these podcasts without the help of my family and friends: 
Alasdair Gray 
David Thomas - technical advice and support 
Berniya Hamie – closing piano
Matthew Robinson – rereads logos

Featured book: Unlikely Stories Mostly by Alasdair Gray. You can follow @alasdairgrayrereads on Instagram for news, pictures and previews of upcoming episodes. And if you have any questions or thoughts to share I’d love to hear them – so please do leave a comment.

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